This is for existing colour clients only. Please fill in Custom Section with required information.

 Included in our home kit is;

Your personal Root Colour 

Salon Colour Developer

Tint Brush

1 x Pair of Gloves.

  • Instructions.

    We recommend using this product within 2 hours of arrival. 

    Find a safe, clean easy area for application. We reccomend wrapping a towel around your shoulders for protection. You will need a comb for working with your hair.

     Wearing the gloves provided pour liquid developer into jar of colour, mix using the tip end of your tint brush. Clean end.

    Part your hair down the middle from front to back. This will be your first section. Dipping the tint brush paint on parted section.

    We recommend taking no more than 1cm parting sections to allow full saturation. Once you have worked through from middle section across to your hairline on both sides, work on opposite direction ( to allow for cross checking ).

    Allow to develop for 35 minutes or for resistant grey coverage 45 minutes. 

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